Rapper DMX was arrested and cautioned at London's Heathrow airport on Saturday (13MAY06) after an alleged air-rage incident on his flight to the UK. The hip-hop star - born EARL SIMMONS - reportedly threw a tantrum when cabin crew urged him to fasten his seatbelt when the plane was about to land. The 35-year-old rapper refused to button the belt, and the captain called police as he continued to yell at staff. He was arrested shortly after landing. A Scotland Yard official released the following statement, "Heathrow Police were called at 12.05pm on Saturday to reports of a passenger causing a disturbance on an inbound aircraft. "The plane landed at approximately 12.15pm and a 35-year-old man was arrested on suspicion of being verbally abusive to cabin crew." DMX is no stranger to the police - in 2004 he was arrested at New York's JFK Airport after a road-rage incident over a parking space. The rap star then violated probation terms, when he was cited for speeding in upstate New York. He also hit a car, which in turn struck a police vehicle in the Bronx, New York City.