LATEST: Rapper DMX was arrested on Friday (9May08) on animal cruelty and drug possession charges.
The superstar had to be forced out of his Arizona home at 3am after barricading himself in his bedroom, cops tell
He was eventually arrested and charged with seven misdemeanour counts of cruelty. Police took five pit bull puppies into care, and discovered a cache of weapons and drugs - which resulted in further charges.
MTV reports that the arrest stems from a raid on DMX's property in August last year (07) during which police removed 12 pit bulls and a collection of weapons.
Cops discovered the dogs "weren't getting proper food, they weren't getting proper water, and they were tied outside in 115-degree heat".
County Sheriff Joe Arpaio, who is running the investigation, released the following statement about Friday's arrest, "A guy like this DMX character, with all his money and fame, has no excuse for not providing proper care for his animals. He has a long criminal history and obviously has little or no respect for the law.
"A person's celebrity status does not preclude this office from bringing charges. We are handling this case as we would any other indictment of alleged animal cruelty."
It's the second time DMX - real name Earl Simmons - has been arrested in three days; on Tuesday (6May08) he was booked for speeding offences, after cops had reviewed footage of him racing at speeds of up to 114 miles per hour back in January (08).
For those crimes, he faces charges of racing on a highway, reckless driving, two counts of endangerment, three counts of criminal speed and driving on a suspended license.