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Dj Touche


(Journeys by DJ - October 15th, 2002)


DJ Touch (aka Theo Keating), as the man behind The Wiseguys, was one of the stars of the funky Big Beat era that redefined Clubland in the mid/late 90s. A leading producer, big-selling artist (see attached bio) and progressively a headlining DJ, he has always been out clubbing with the best of them, from his neighbourhood haunts in West London to the party mayhem of Fatboy Slim’s Boutique, to his legendary end-of-season sets at Manumission in Ibiza and cutting-edge millennial clubs like Fabric. Few things can keep him away — even Kylie Minogue recently got turned down so he could keep to his packed touring schedule. Too busy for Kylie, huh? His passion for the deeper, late-night, realer side of Clubland combines with his outstanding attributes as a DJ and producer to inform "ULTRAVIOLET", his personal take on the DJ mix album concept.

And what a killer it is!

"I wanted something that captured the feeling you get at 4 in the morning," says DJ Touch. "The feeling you get when you’ve been dancing all night and the vibe shifts into a new dimension." His memory of a party at Manumission especially inspired the title - a moment when the glow of dawn permeated the interior of the club and darkness elided into a transcendence of UV. It’s the ambience that lurks at the core of the dance-floor, a place where DJ Touch feels right at home. "The music I play has the energy of the city," he says .

"Cities combine danger and allure."

He expresses this with a mix that keeps the pressure consistently rising, never letting the energy drop, while throwing down a bag of tricks and edgy tracks that catch the listener off guard, keeping the interest levels at a high. It is a fine example of a House DJ applying the seductive groove technique with an inveterate Hip Hop kid’s attitude towards mashing things up and throwing them in yer face. Dangerous and alluring. A bit like DJ Touch himself, in fact. Hmm…

Now he is staking his claim with his world premier DJ mix album, the sound of yesteryear has been consigned to where it belongs and he is back to pushing the boundaries. Ultraviolet light, conveniently, exists on the edge of the spectrum (it is also used to lure and kill insects, and any writer who can work that one into a review is a better man than I am!). Following hot on the heels of Journeys by DJ’s seminal Coldcut release, DJ Touch continues in the tradition of DJs that are developing the art-form by jamming different sounds and genres together to forge something entirely fresh and exciting.

The tracklist features current hotties from labels in UK, France, Canada and USA, with DJs as far removed as King Britt and Frankie Bones rubbing shoulders with new upstarts like the Audio Bullys and Incredible Melting Man. House legend Pal Joey gets a look-in, along with producer-of-the-moment Phil Kieran and many more (see list on back promo wallet). However this is very much DJ Touch’s album, with self-penned tracks in the beginning, middle and end, a clutch of production FX that only the true spotter will be able to pick out, and, to make this album unimpeachably unique, some name checks from two very special surprise guests.