Dj Samantha Ronson has accused her former lawyer of threatening her with bad press in a malpractice lawsuit over outstanding legal fees.
Ronson is suing former attorney Martin Garbus, blaming him for losing her defamation case against celebrity blogger Perez Hilton last November (07).
The case against Hilton was in relation to the blogger's posts about Ronson's gal pal, actress Lindsay Lohan. He alleged on his website that Lohan's driving under the influence (DUI) arrest in May 2007 was a photo opportunity staged for the paparazzi by Ronson, who he claims was also in possession of cocaine found in the car.
The case was thrown out of court and Ronson was ordered to pay Hilton almost $85,000 (GBP42,500).
But Ronson claims it was Garbus' failure to discredit Hilton's allegations that lost her the case.
According to court documents obtained by the New York Daily News, Garbus allegedly threatened to sue Ronson for breach of contract and leak details of her outstanding legal fees - amounting to $100,000 (GBP54,054) for two months' work - to the press if she didn't pay up.
Garbus reportedly wrote in the email: "Please don't force me to do it. The blogs will pick it up."
The attorney subsequently filed the breach of contract lawsuit against Ronson in Manhattan Federal Court in March (08).
The DJ's new legal team provided evidence of the email in their response to Garbus' suit, and the case was later dismissed.
The malpractice suit is slated to go back to court in the coming months.