Disgraced DJ STAR is launching a defamation lawsuit against New York City Councilman JOHN LIU, who he claims has continually made false statements about him. DJ Star - real name TROI TORAIN - was sacked by Big Apple radio station Power 105.1 in May (06) after making on-air racial and sexual comments about rival DJ ENVY's wife and four-year-old daughter. But Torain is seeking $55 million (GBP30.5 million) in damages after Liu denounced his behaviour and called for a boycott of his former employer. The 42-year-old says in a statement, "Councilman Liu has continued to publicly make false, disparaging statements about me." Last month (27JUL06), a New York judge dismissed charges against Torain of endangering a child's welfare and weapon possession as long as the radio personality stays out of trouble for six months. And Liu remains unfazed by the suit which will be filed today (02AUG06): "We would much rather he go after me than four-year-old girls."