Dj Koze Releases New Lp 'Amygdala' On March 25th 2013

Dj Koze Releases New Lp 'Amygdala' On March 25th 2013

'Amygdala' is Koze's Sgt. Pepper. It's an unreal 78-minute walk through Koze's mind, complete with moods, intensities, sounds and scenes as yet unheard of. Nobody else could unite artists like Caribou, Apparat and Dirk von Lotzow, Hildegard Knef and Matthew Dear, Ada and Milosh in such an organic way and on one and the same record as Koze did. There's never been anything like it.

His new album wanders through moods, intensities and scenes. Rather than trying to figure out the whole cosmos it's really about inviting all the different soundscapes on stage, and initiating a dialogue between them. It's large in its stylistic spectrum and emotional depth, but it's small in its gestures and poses. Singers from Caribou to Apparat, from Matthew Dear to Hildegard Knef appear on equal terms: Koze frees the voices from the mists of effect. Instead of using reverberation and echo, he is concerned with the surface feel and the intimacy of the singing. And just like in earlier times with his band International Pony, this familiar insecurity about whether a piece is a song or a track is again only too welcome.

Nobody's interested in any kind of specialist professionalism that's struggling to create the ever more perfect dub-techno tune, nor in working your way through all the great songs of pop history. The tracks on 'Amygdala' are remixes of tracks that have never even existed.

'Amygdala' tracklisting:

1. Track ID Anyone? (Feat. Caribou)
2. Nices Wölkchen (Feat. Apparat)
3. Royal Asscher Cut
4. Magical Boy (Feat. Matthew Dear)
5. Das Wort (Feat. Dirk Von Lowtzow)
6. Homesick (Feat. Ada)
7. La Duquesa
8. Marilyn Whirlwind
9. My Plans (Feat. Matthew Dear)
10. Don't Lose My Mind
11. Amygdala (Feat. Milosh)
12. Ich Schreib' Dir Ein Buch 2013 (Feat. Hildegard Knef)
13. NooOoo (Feat. Tomerle & Maiko)

DJ Koze tour dates (UK dates to be announced shortly):

16.03. Barcelona - Raum Club
23.03. München - Bob Beaman
30.03. Amsterdam - Mdsm Dockland
31.03. Köln - Gewölbe
13.04. Hamburg - Uebel&Gefährlich
19.04. Nürnberg - Rakete
20.04. Stuttgart - Rocker33
30.04. Leipzig - Conne Island