DJ Khaled's 18-month-old son Asahd is having his name trademarked.

The 'I Got The Keys' rapper and his wife Nicole Tuck have filed documents on behalf of the young tot to be able to legally have his moniker printed on everything from perfume and clothing to kids cars and games.

TMZ reports that Asahd's name is also set to appear on children's items including mini toy cars, healthy snack, books and prams.

As their little boy is neither old enough nor able to sign documents, Nicole is believed to have inked her name on the forms on his behalf.

It's the second move from the parents to create a brand out of their offspring.

In February, Asahd teamed up with Jordan Brand for his own Jordan Asahd Collection of sneakers for kids' sizes zero to 20.

At the time, Khaled said: ''Today, we are blessed to see my son lock in his big deal.

''He is officially locked in a deal with Jordan ... Asahd got his own Jordan deal.''

Meanwhile, the 42-year-old record producer - whose real name is Khaled Mohamed Khaled - recently admitted it ''might be time'' to have a second child.

He and Nicole are said to be considering expanding their brood further, because the pair ''love kids''.

He said: ''I was talking to my queen the other day and it might be time for another one. Whatever God has planned for us. I love kids, listen, that's God. If God wants us to have another one, I'm ready.''

Being a father has made the 'Wild Thoughts' hitmaker more conscious of his lifestyle, as he wants to make sure he is in the best health for the sake of his young tot.

He added: ''I'm always real good at being wise, but at the same time, I'm me. If I see you playing yourself, I'm-a let you know, don't play yourself. Basically, don't take my kindness for weakness. Take my kindness for greatness.

''Me being a father now, I'm definitely more wise and more cautious - a better presentation of laying it out. I look at my son and, you know, the new artists, the new generation and the young world - I'm inspired by them because those are the next superstars, doctors, presidents, CEOs, billionaires, community, everything.''