DJ Khaled's Summerfest cruise will feature a host of hip-hop stars.

The producer has recruited Future, Lil Wayne, Migos and A$AP Rocky to join him and fans on the return voyage from Miami, Florida to the Bahamas from June 30 to July 3.

Pitchfork reports that the ''18s and over'' cruise will feature a ''Meet & Greet Reception,'' ''Themed Parties'' and ''Partying and mingling up close and personal with the entertainers.''

Meanwhile, Chance The Rapper recently revealed that he is ''very involved'' with DJ Khaled's new album.

The 41-year-old record producer is set to release his 10th studio album 'Grateful' later this year, and although the 'No Problem' rapper is unable to divulge any details because the project is ''super top-secret'' he says he plays a large part in the making of the record.

When asked about his work on the album, Chance said: ''It's actually super top-secret, but I'm very involved in the project and shout-outs to DJ Khaled for coming up on 10 summers.''

The 23-year-old rapper also gave insight into what it's like to work with DJ Khaled.

Asked what advice he was given whilst in the studio with the producer, he said: ''Love more. That's his thing. Love is key and that's real.''