DJ Khaled has suffered an injury whilst jet skiing.

The 'I'm the One' hitmaker - who has 14-month-old son Asahd with fiancee Nicole Tuck - was using the speedy watercraft to get to fellow rapper P Diddy's house, but later had to be rescued by the 'Last Night' star and Drake after he crashed into a tree in the water, which left him stuck for some time.

The 42-year-old star - real name Khaled Mohamed Khaled - documented the entire incident with his 8.7 million Instagram followers on Wednesday (20.12.17).

In the first clip shared on his Instagram Story, he said: ''We've got a situation here. How do I do this?''

In the next few videos he's pleading for someone to come out and help him.

He added: ''This ain't no joke, team.

''Never a joke, that's the problem. S**t! Honey, I just text you. Check your text ... anybody know my people, tell them to check their texts, tell them I took the secret route.''

Khaled then told his followers how he only shared what was happening to show others it's important ''not to panic'' when life brings you a ''roadblock''

He said: ''To be honest with you the only reason why I'm documenting this ... is because in life there are roadblocks and you have to overcome every roadblock. The key is don't panic. Don't panic. Don't panic.''

The 'Wild Thoughts' hitmaker then shared pictures of Diddy and 'One Dance' rapper Drake looking after him.

Alongside a clip of Drake on decking at the property, Khaled wrote: ''My brothers making sure I'm good bless up ! MOGUL TALK ! (sic)''

Khaled appeared to have come away with a few bloodied cuts to his leg.

Alongside a picture of his injury, he wrote: ''I'm not going panic !! The is to over come every road block!!!! GOD IS THE GREATEST !!! (sic)''