50 CENT recruited car fanatic and hip-hop Dj Funkmaster Flex to customise a 1960 IMPALA for him - and paid $70,000 (GBP38,800) for the privilege.

Flex, who spruces up the vehicles of many of today's top celebrities on his TV show RISE WITH FUNKMASTER FLEX, has restored his own cars for 10 years.

He says, 'I was doing a lot of celebrity cars, and 50 Cent came to my warehouse to pick his up and saw my 1960 Impala.

"He asked to buy it, but I said no because that one was for me. He said, 'Well, how much did it cost you to make it.?' And I told him that's not really what it's about but that I'd make him one of his own.

"Some of the things I wanted to put on it he didn't want, so I made him one for about $70,000 He loved it."

Mariah Carey, Tyra Banks, Wyclef Jean, Missy Elliott, Ashanti, RUSSELL SIMMONS and Dave Navarro have all used the services of Flex on his show.

21/04/2004 21:10