Jamaican DJ Beenie Man has thanked his fans for chasing a mugger and retrieving his $180,000 (GBP105,000) diamond encrusted watch, after he was attacked outside a record store.

The reggae record-spinner was signing autographs at Blacker Dread Records in Brixton, London, when he stepped outside to greet fans and fell victim to the violent thief.

But he was soon celebrating again, after his loyal fans exerted their own brand of street justice and the attacker was apprehended.

Record store owner STEVE MARTIN says, "Everything was going great. Beenie Man cut the cake and loads of people turned up after the news leaked on pirate radio. Beenie was brilliant about it. A proper star."

The DJ then thrilled onlookers by returning to the store and beginning an impromptu rap about his ordeal.