British rap prodigies Dizzee Rascal and MIKE SKINNER have finally ended their bitter feud.

The pair fell out during last months' (MAY04) PRINCE'S TRUST URBAN MUSIC FESTIVAL in London over who should get the best billing - garage star Dizzee was promoted to the best slot at the last minute.

But the pair have been told by their management teams to sort out their rift, because Dizzee is supporting Skinner's The Streets on their upcoming American tour.

A source reveals, "The row was really between people who worked for Dizzee and Mike. But these things can escalate and it's lucky the two artists are being so level-headed about it. They've told the people involved to drop it.

"There's a lot of mutual respect between Mike and Dizzee. They're not best mates or anything, but they share a love of music and aren't going to allow a stupid row to get in the way of their careers."

04/06/2004 13:33