British rapper Dizzee Rascal had a nasty shock just three days after passing his driving test - he crashed into a police car.
The Bonkers hitmaker was driving up a steep hill in Surrey, England two years ago (08) but was struggling to get used to his vehicle because he was so new to driving.
And Rascal, real name Dylan Mills, landed in trouble with cops when he accidentally shunted their car.
He tells British TV host Jonathan Ross, "I crashed my first car... into the police. For real. I crashed my first car in, like, the first three days I had it. I was heartbroken. Well, they were more heartbroken because (their car was) written off. I drove off.
"It was a Mini, I made the mistake of buying it brand new... I was in Purley (Surrey), I was visiting a friend. They've got really steep roads in that area... and my clutch control wasn't very good. I was getting up this road and then kept on slipping back and I was s**ting myself. So I drove out and... 'Bang'. I see some flashing lights. I was like, 'What was that, man?' It was the police.
"I was like, 'Just my luck, this kind of thing only happens to me.' My first crash and it was the police."