Dizzee Rascal is praying his new duet with Cheryl Cole is a success - because the pop stars never met in the recording studio to ensure the track was a hit.
The Girls Aloud star enlisted the help of the rapper earlier this year (10) for the song, Everybody, Everyone, which features on Cole's latest album, Messy Little Raindrops.
The Bonkers hitmaker admits he hasn't heard the track yet - and he has no idea what the collaboration will sound like.
He tells Britain's Independent newspaper, "It was like it never happened. I never saw her. They sent me three tracks and I basically picked the one I thought would be best.
"It saves money on planes: imagine going halfway across the world in first class then deciding that you don't like the person. If they just send you a track, you can get it done in your own studio, in your comfort zone. It should be good. It will be good. It's Cheryl Cole, innit."