British rapper Dizzee Rascal is eyeing a move into movies - he's hoping to become the first black man to play James Bond.
The British public recently named Rascal as the top contender to be the first black Bond, ahead of Will Smith and Jay-Z, in a survey by PreLoved.
The star is ecstatic about the results - and hopes his friendship with movie star Brad Pitt will help him land the coveted role.
He says, "I heard that this morning, I like that. Yeah, that's big, that's big. Why not man? I can rock a tuxedo. The whole nation's seen that. I've just got to get my lines right, that's all.
"I actually saw him (Pitt) a few weeks ago at Claudia Schiffer's house... so I might get that James Bond role after all, pull a few strings and that.”