UK rap star Dizzee Rascal is set to collaborate with reformed hip hop collective THE SUGARHILL GANG.

After performing with Dizzee at the launch of Sony Walkman's digital music players last year, the band have confirmed that new material is on the cards.

Speaking to BBC 6 Music at Bestival this month, Sugarhill's Mater Gee said: “He came to the States about two months ago. We ran into him when he invited us to come down to his club in New York and we went down there – wow, kick ass show. The tracks were crazy, they were spittin' real hard and it’s in the works to do a song with him."

The band are best remembered for hits in their 1980s heyday, which included Rapper’s Delight, 8th Wonder and Apache.

Master Gee went on to say that the album should be released early next year, adding: "It's hot, definitely. You wanna hear some of the stuff then you gotta come to one of the shows."

17/09/2008 11:36:18