Dizzee Rascal identified with Prince Harry.

The 'Dance Wiv Me' rapper - who met the British royal backstage at this years O2 Wireless festival in London - said that out of all of the celebrities he'd met, Harry, 25, was the friendliest.

When asked who his favourite famous person is, Dizzy replied: "It has to be Prince Harry. Tom Hanks is a real down-to-earth guy and we chatted about Snoop Dogg, because his son is a fan. But Prince Harry - that is proper royalty, man!

"We just had a bit of banter and that. It was mad. He was... a bit like me, really."

He also admitted the prince had a clumsy "street handshake."

Meanwhile, the 24-year-old rapper - real name Dylan Mills - also hopes his current album 'Tongue N' Cheek' will cheer up people who are depressed due to the current economic climate.

He explained: "It's a party album because there is a f**king recession on; people are down and they need lifting up. I have always liked pop music and R and B.

"One defining moment was when I went back to 'Doggystyle' by Snoop Dogg, which I loved back in the day. I played it over and over and it hit me: You can have a party to this album! I wanted to make a record that functioned in the same way."