Dizzee Rascal wanted to make pop songs because it "challenged" him.

The 'Holiday' hitmaker admits he took his music in a more mainstream direction because he felt he had mastered the grime scene and wanted to strive to improve his creativity.

He said: "I wanted to try more commercial stuff because it was something I hadn't mastered really.

"I'd done plenty of dark stuff and edgy stuff and hardcore stuff, and I kind of found that stuff easy. But making the bubbly, happy stuff, the more mainstream pop stuff, that was a real challenge, to get it done and do it well, and I think I've done that. It makes me feel good, man, my change of direction, it couldn't have gone any better, so I'm happy."

Despite admitting his music is more "commercial", the rapper - real name Dylan Mills - insists he hasn't "sold out".

He told The List magazine: "No one can establish what selling out is. I can't be bothered about something which ain't clear, so f**k it."