British rapper Dizzee Rascal is forging stronger ties with America, after signing up to help promote the popular ECKO CLOTHING brand in a new advertising campaign.

The FIX UP, LOOK SHARP hitmaker - real name DYLAN MILLS - is set to start the campaign in this year's (04) autumn/winter collection as part of Ecko's move to recruit up and coming artists from Europe.

The elated rapper tells website ALLHIPHOP.COM, "England we are coming up. Sometimes though, people emulate what's coming from the United States. There aren't that many people in London doing anything original.

"There was a time where people were dressing up with the champagne and all that bulls***, but n***as like me had hats, hoods, making our own beats doing our own s*** and making our own way."

The campaign was shot earlier this year (04) in New York.

Dizzee is currently in America performing a string of shows with fellow UK rapper The Streets.

13/06/2004 21:16