Dizzee Rascal has revealed political aspirations, claiming that he may one day run for office.

He made the comments in the wake of Barack Obama's victory - which saw him elected as the first black president of the United Sates on Tuesday.

Speaking to Jeremy Paxman on Newsnight, the Brit rapper said a man of any colour could run the country "as long as he does right by the people".

He went on to say that hip hop played a part in getting Obama elected, as it encouraged young people to engage with making the world a better place.

"I think people as a whole make the difference. I don’t think one person or one party can make the difference," he said.

After Paxman asked him if he had any ambitions to become prime minister, Dizzee said it may be a possibility in the future.

"See that's a very good idea, I might have to do that one day still. Dizzee Rascal for prime minister yeah?" he joked.

07/11/2008 10:59:43