Dizzee Rascal is facing a lifetime ban from British Airways after being thrown off a flight.

The 'Fix Up, Look Sharp' hitmaker - whose real name is Dylan Mills - was removed from an Airbus 320 plane bound for Portugal at London's Heathrow airport , causing him to miss his gig at the Optimus Alive! festival in the European country on Saturday (09.07.11), after he reportedly abused an air stewardess.

An eyewitness told the Mail on Sunday newspaper: "Dizzee was getting very angry and it was taking so long to take off. Then he threw a tantrum with staff, and passengers were told something was wrong.

"After the incident his band members were still on the flight. They started kicking off too, shouting that they couldn't play without him because he'd been thrown off."

But some passengers insisted Dizzee was not being abusive on the flight.

John Godsland, from Northamptonshire, told the London Evening Standard newspaper: "We had been on the plane for about an hour, Dizzee had been asleep, and he woke up and there was a female member of Cabin Crew walking past and he said to her something along The Lines of, 'What's going on? What are we still doing here? What's happening?' "

Dizzee is not the only star to have had an altercation with British Airways staff.

Former Stone Roses singer Ian Brown was arrested in 1998 and jailed for four months after he threatened to chop off flight attendant Christine Cooper's hands with plastic cutlery because she tried to sell him alcohol.

In 2006, Ian said: "I've not drunk alcohol since 1999. I've never drunk a can of beer, and I haven't had a pint since 1990. I think that surprises people."