Dizzee Rascal thinks his new pop sound means he is one of "the best" in the industry.

The 'Holiday' hitmaker is thrilled with his more commercial LP 'Tongue N Cheek' because it means he is one of "the greats".

He told Clash magazine: "I get pop music now. I get what a pop format is, to be up with there with the greats and the best. I don't think I really knew how to do it when I started out because the environment that I was competing for was the underground pirate radio scene.

"It was more MC-based. And there ain't been too many things UK-wise and MC-based that have been in the charts.

"So that was my only reference. But being in the music industry over a seven-year period, going to all the festivals, all these different events, I actually learnt how to do it along the way."

The British rapper recently admitted he thinks he can be as big as Michael Jackson.

Dizzee - who won a Mercury Prize in 2003 for his debut album 'Boy in da Corner' - said: "I'm going to be big like Michael Jackson."