Dizzee Rascal thinks he can be as famous as Michael Jackson.

The 'Bonkers' hitmaker - who won a Mercury Prize in 2003 for his debut album 'Boy in da Corner' - is extremely ambitious and hopes to have a music career which rivals the success of the late 'King of Pop's.

He said: "I'm going to be big like Michael Jackson."

Despite his pop star aspirations, the 24-year-old rapper admits it was difficult for him to make his latest album 'Tongue N Cheek' more commercial.

He said: "I wanted to make some party music. I made hardcore music and that came kind of easy - it was what I knew. But it was a challenge for me to make a big pop tune. Parts of me are still the same person as back then, but I'm older and my situation's different. A lot of that is through travelling, doing festivals and trying to honestly reflect what I see in front of me."

Meanwhile, Dizzee - real name Dylan Mills - admits he uses song writing as a form of therapy.

He told The Observer Magazine: "If I feel p****d off, say, I'm going to write about that, put it into a flow and words and learn it so I can say it exactly as I want to say it. And once you have gone through all that, then you don't feel so p****d off anymore."

Dizzee's fourth album 'Tongue N Cheek' will be released on September 21.