The Dixie Chicks' tour bus was hit from behind on Thursday (31JUL03) while parked on a highway on the outskirts of San Antonio, Texas.

Emily Robison, the only member of the popular country trio aboard the bus, was not injured.

According to the accident report, the bus pulled over on an overpass in north-west San Antonio at 3.30am after being struck with an unknown object. Police say the parked bus was partially blocking a westbound traffic lane.

As driver ROSS ELLIS looked for damage, a pickup truck driven by LARRY COX of Corpus Christi, Texas, struck the back of the bus. Police say Cox was taken to a hospital for treatment of a cut on his right arm.

Cox told police he took his eyes off the road briefly to answer his cell phone as he was approaching the parked bus, and didn't see the other vehicle in time.

01/08/2003 02:46