The Dixie Chicks are refusing to back down from controversial comments they made against the war in Iraq, despite sobbing about the scandal on American TV.

Singer Natalie Maines burst into tears during the trio's chat on TV news show PRIMETIME last night (24APR03) - but she's standing by her comments.

While she has apologised for claiming she was ashamed she came from the same state as PRESIDENT George W Bush at a recent London show, she's still a concerned mum who feels guilty about the bombing of Baghdad by American troops.

She says, "I remember right after September 11 being scared all the time. I'm completely paranoid.

"I think of those little kids over there, just laying in their beds, listening. I feel some guilt - we're so lucky to be born here."

Bandmate Emily Robison adds, "What are those mothers thinking? What are the mothers of the troops thinking?

"Everyone talks about how this war was over quickly and not that many people died. Tell that to the parents of the people coming back in body bags."

25/04/2003 19:28