THE Dixie Chicks are more concerned with their own safety rather than falling record sales, following their outburst against American President George W Bush.

The country all-girl trio prompted outrage when lead singer NATALIE MAINES said on stage recently that they were ashamed to be from the same state as Bush - Texas - because of the US led invasion of Iraq last month (MAR03).

Severe criticism in their home country followed, and sales of their new album HOME are reportedly down 40 per cent.

However, guitarist Emily Robison is more worried about the "bigger issues" of personal safety.

She says, "I'm concerned about my safety. I'm concerned about my safety for my family. When you're getting death threats.

"At our concerts this year, we have to have metal detectors, and to me that's just crazy. But we have to take precautions because this thing has gotten so out of control."

24/04/2003 17:48