The backlash against the Dixie Chicks has become so threatening, they've employed a round-the-clock "posse" of security men.

Lead singer Natalie Maines declared last month (MAR03) she was "ashamed" that American President George W Bush hailed from her home state of Texas, which sparked outrage in the US.

And while they've already upped security at their shows by using metal detectors, threats of personal attacks have prompted the country trio to employ round-the-clock security.

According to bandmember Emily Robison, the group now has an entourage of guards wherever they go to deal with the rage directed at the group, which she says has gone too far.

She explains, "I feel like our safety is a huge, important issue right now. We officially have a posse now because we have to have security people with us at all times, and this has gotten to a point where enough is enough, you know?

"When you feel like your own safety is an issue, I think people have to step back."

30/04/2003 10:34