The Dixie Chicks have spoken of their genuine fear following one particular death threat which came after singer Natalie Maines hit out at US President George W Bush in 2003. The NOT READY TO MAKE NICE stars insist this letter stood out from the rest of the backlash, because the sender "had a plan". Maines caused an outcry just before war broke out in Iraq by declaring to a British audience the band were "ashamed" of their leader. But despite dismissing the majority of complaints which flooded in, she believes one angry Bush supporter genuinely planned to kill her. She says, "It was definitely scary because it seemed so... it wasn't just somebody wanting to write a hate letter "It was somebody who obviously thought they had a plan." Banjo player Emily Robison adds, "(It) had a time, had a place, had a weapon. I mean, everything: 'You will be shot dead at your show in Dallas.'"