Country stars Dixie Chicks agreed to pose nude and covered in harsh words for the cover of an American magazine to show some fans how ridiculous they are being.

The trio have been vilified by some in their native America after singer Natalie Maines criticised US President George W Bush during a recent London show, and are even receiving death threats.

And now the girls have stripped off for the front cover of ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY, where they're plastered with words like 'Traitors,' and 'Dixie sluts'.

Fiddler MARTIE MAGUIRE explains, "We wanted to show the absurdity of the extreme names people have been calling us. How do you look at the three of us and think, those are (ousted Iraqi leader) SADDAM (HUSSEIN)'s angels?"

Meanwhile, Maines burst into tears during an interview which aired on American TV last night (24APR03), as Maguire confirmed the controversy wouldn't split the group up.

She said, "It all leaves a lot on our shoulders and a lot on her shoulders. They forget she's a human being. But we stand by each other through think or thin."

Meanwhile, Emily Robison used the TV interview to talk about the group's death threats: "We have to have metal detectors at shows."

25/04/2003 08:52