Divine Comedy Live Date November 2012

Divine Comedy Live Date November 2012

The Divine Comedy play the The Royal Festival Hall, London on 07/11/12 to celebrate Neil's 42nd Birthday.

Of all the great landmarks in life, becoming forty two must surely be the most daunting. To pass from the innocence and insecurity of one's early forties into the worldly insouciance of one's early-to-mid forties; it's a very big step, and one I have been dreaming of since I was even younger.

'La Quarante Deuxiéme' (as our French cousins have it) is to be undertaken in a spirit of flippant solemnity and noisy introspection. I intend to honour this onerous rite of passage in the traditional manner; a two hour concert of my music at the Royal Festival Hall!

Please come on the 7th of November and share this special time with me.

Marshmallowed be my name,