Dita Von Teese has laughed off comments she made stating she quit sex for a year following her divorce from Marilyn Manson - admitting she lied about her vow of celibacy.
The burlesque beauty claimed she gave up men for 12 months after splitting from the shock rocker in 2006, insisting she needed time to fully heal after her failed marriage.
She told British tabloid the News Of The World, "After the divorce I was going through complete heartbreak. It changes you, I spent the first year not having sex at all, which was strange as I still continued to convey sex in my work."
But the star has confessed she wasn't telling the truth during the seemingly candid interview - and found it hilarious when her pals quizzed her over the celibacy claims.
She tells E! Online "All my friends (saw that) and were like, What? I just thought it was funny to say at the time.
"I'm pretty sure it's safe for you to report that I've had sex by now."