Dita Von Teese refuses to use a stylist.

The burlesque dancer - who is famed for her vintage-inspired wardrobe and glamorous look - doesn't see the point of paying someone to tell her what to wear as she likes to be adventurous with fashion and choose her outfits herself.

She said: "Every celebrity today seems to hire a stylist to choose their clothes. I admire women like Daphne Guinness and the late Isabella Blow - women that took risks and have their own personal style without having to pay someone to do it."

Although she is always dressed and made-up to perfection, Dita insists she doesn't take any longer to get ready than someone who has a low-key look.

She told vogue.com: "I have a lot of friends that have a very natural look and it takes just as long. They straighten their hair, wear all that bronzer and beige lipstick and apply 50 coats of mascara to make themselves look natural. I'm doing the same thing just with different colours. I set my hair which is actually quicker than a blow dry. I get ready just as quick as any other woman I know."

Dita also revealed how she would never wear jogging bottoms as she always likes to feel glamorous and sophisticated.

She said: "I never feel like wearing them. Why would I do that? Who wants to purposefully feel c**ppy?"