A paparazzo has apologised to Dita Von Teese after he humiliated the burlesque beauty at an airport by shouting rude comments.
The dancer was given a frosty welcome when she landed in Los Angeles earlier this month (Oct09), encountering a rude photographer who began insulting her as she made her way home.
Von Teese took to the internet to complain, blasting the man in a post on her Twitter.com page: "If pics (sic) run with my hand over my face, it's because this paparazzi (sic) was shouting in my face, 'Pose, you f**king b**ch.' For the record, I have never encountered a paparazzi like this one. They are usually quite polite with me."
Now the shamed snapper, Matthew Suarez, has come forward with an apology and has promised the star such an incident will never happen again.
He writes, "Dear Dita Von Teese, the reason I am writing to you is to offer my most sincere apology. How I acted and the things I said were out of line and will never happen again.
"What I said was not right and my actions were unnecessary, and I regretted them the moment after it happened. Iā€™m really sorry and I hope you find it in your heart to accept my apology. Sincerely, Matthew Suarez.ā€