Dita Von Teese is desperate to put on a special strip show for British royal Prince Charles.

The voluptuous burlesque dancer wishes she had performed a revealing routine for the Prince during his stag night before his marriage to CAMILLA PARKER BOWLES earlier this month (09APR05) - even if she is dubious of his new bride.

Von Teese - who's engaged to shock rocker MARILYN MANSON - says, "The royals are so racy. I'd love to get it all out for Charles. I would have preferred to do it when he was with Diana, because I'm not so sure about Camilla.

"She was always the 'other woman', and I've never been a husband thief myself. I'm a good girl really, and I'm not fond of women who steal other people's men.

"But I would have loved to have done Charles's stag party."

24/04/2005 10:50