Dita Von Teese plans to embrace her grey hair.

The 45-year-old burlesque star colours her locks from her natural blonde to jet black every few weeks, but now her silver tresses are starting to come through, she's thinking ahead to when she can ditch the dye for good.

Asked if she can see a day when she'll embrace the grey, she said: ''Oh definitely.

''Every two weeks, when I pull out that box of black dye, I'm like, 'God, wouldn't it be great to not be doing this?' But be careful what you wish for, right?''

Though her burlesque shows are still hugely popular, Dita admitted she considered retiring two years ago before realising she wants to be an ''example'' for older women.

She told the Daily Telegraph newspaper: ''I had a lot of pressure from my former producing partner. Every night I'd come offstage and she'd be like, 'Oh, you didn't look so good right there... Can we cover up this? You need to really suck it in...'

''I was thinking, 'Oh God, maybe I should quit before people start seeing all the flaws that could arise from the ageing process. It was starting to get to me.

''[But] it occurred to me that there are all these women who are older that I admire, Jennifer Lopez, Gwen Stefani, Madonna, and they are all out there still.

''It has meaning for me to watch them go through different phases of life and still embrace their sexuality and sensuality.

''I need to be an example as well. I love performing burlesque, people still want to see me do it.''