Dita Von Teese owns a £10,000 corset.

The 40-year-old burlesque star admits her stage costumes are her most ''extravagant'' purchases and the entire outfit typically costs upwards of £20,000.

She said: ''My costumes are my most extravagant purchases. Normally they cost me between £20,000 and £40,000. I just took possession of a corset which has been in production for a while with Mr. Pearl and it was £10,000.''

Despite her extravagances when it comes to fashion, Dita is happy to wear her favourite pieces time and time again.

She said: ''I have three haute couture dresses from Jean Paul Gaultier which should be in a museum. They're amazing.

''I wear the Catherine The Great one all the time. I think I've worn it about six times recently - and I'll be wearing it the rest of my life.''

Dita also admitted she has always been fascinated by red lipstick and has never tired of the bold beauty look.

She told Britain's OK! magazine: ''I can't live without my red lipstick, I really love bright colour on my lips. When I was a little girl I loved watching movies with my mother in Technicolor and I remember being attracted to the red lipstick on the women, because everyone wore red lipstick then.

''It's classic and never goes out of style. As soon as I was old enough to wear it, I never stopped.''