Dita Von Teese was banned from putting on a burlesque performance at Bette Midler's Halloween bash on Monday (30.10.17).

The 45-year-old model-and-dancer was forbidden from wowing guests at the 71-year-old singer's annual Hulaween party, which took place at the Cathedral of St. John the Divine in Harlem, New York City, by the Bishop of New York who didn't want her provocative show to take place in the religious building.

Speaking to Variety Online about the event, Dita said: ''The church banned me ... Reverend Andrew M. L. Dietsche pulled the plug and said, 'No... there is no burlesque performance in a church.'''

However, the Michigan-born star was not put out by her act being pulled and she appreciated the building was a ''real church'', unlike other venues she has previously danced at.

Dita - who was previously married to Marilyn Manson - added: ''I have performed in a lot of churches all over the world, but they are all venues and this is a real church, so I can see their point.''

Dita - who attended the gala with her 'Hello Dolly' co-stars, which included David Hyde Pierce, Bernadette Peters and Victor Garber - relished the chance to dress up for the ghoulish holiday because she often finds herself without enough time for Halloween due to her hectic work schedule.

She said: ''I'm always working on my show costumes. It's a huge undertaking. I rarely have time for Halloween.''

Dita may not have been able to entertain crowds with her risqué performance yesterday, but she is set to put on a ''glamorous show'' on New Year's Eve (31.12.17), where she will perform at the Ace Theatre in Los Angeles.

Speaking about her upcoming burlesque extravaganza, she said: ''I was so tired of not having something glamorous to do on New Year's Eve in LA, so why don't I just make a glamorous show [myself]?''