Dita Von Teese has a crush on Mika.

The burlesque star is a big fan of the 'Gracy Kelly' hitmaker and particularly enjoyed a recent evening out with the gay singer.

She said: ''My star crush right now is Mika - he took me out for a fabulous dinner in his red convertible. He was dressed as a gentleman and he sent me flowers.''

The 40-year-old beauty also admitted she was left star-struck when friend Christian Louboutin introduced her to ''Hollywood royalty'' Lauren Bacall.

She said: ''I was starstruck when I met Lauren Bacall. I met her in New York, through my friend Christian Louboutin, we were at a dinner and she came wafting over and very kindly introduced herself to me before she spoke to Christian.

''I was forewarned by him that I shouldn't speak to her until she spoke to me because she's real Hollywood royalty.''

Despite taking care of her pale skin, Dita can't resist a ''tropical'' holiday, even if she has to spend most of it covered up.

She told Britain's OK! magazine: ''I was in the Maldives and that was quite amazing. I always love a tropical holiday, even though I tend to spend it with lots of sunscreen under a big hat and beneath a big umbrella. I love putting my feet in the sand and wearing vintage sarongs.''