Dita Von Teese needs hundreds of products to get ready.

The burlesque star has admitted she is such a beauty junkie that she couldn't live without any of the multiple cosmetics and haircare products which she uses to achieve her glamorous retro look.

Asked what her three must-have items are, she giggled: ''Three? Oh my god, it's more like 300! If you only knew, I have a lot of things that I absolutely can't do without. Even for my shows, I do everything by myself, from make-up to choosing my own outfits.

However, the sultry star believes make-up can only go so far and the only way to exude sex appeal is to have confidence in yourself.

Dita explained: ''For me, sex appeal is a very individual thing, it's about finding yourself above all and mostly about having self-confidence. We have to find what suits us and makes us feel good.

''It's all about being sexy, it's nothing to do with what people think - on the contrary. It's completely psychological.''

''I love the process of getting ready, both in terms of hair as well as make-up. With only three things, I'd have a lot of trouble getting ready!''

The raven-haired beauty's top tip for feeling good is adorning herself in a tasteful amount of jewels, and she especially loves rubies because they are so ''sensual''.

Dita explained in an interview with French fashion website Pure Trend: ''It's true that I like jewellery, but I wear just the right amount to emphasise the statement piece I choose. I like diamonds but my real favourite has always been rubies.

''At the moment for instance, I'm wearing ruby earring, I love touching them, playing with them, it's a very sensual stone.''