Dita Von Teese has found a "secret door" in her Paris apartment.

The burlesque performer has a home in the French capital but the regular exit has presented her with a tricky walk over cobbles when she is wearing high-heel shoes.

But now the sexy star has discovered a previously unknown door which allows her to leave the property hazard free.

She wrote on her twitter page: "After 2 yrs I found a secret door in my paris apartment that lets me bypass a treacherous cobblestone walk in 6" heels. Je suis une gourde! (sic)"

The 39-year-old brunette is spending Christmas in Paris this year instead of her home country America and she is very excited about being in the city for the holiday season.

However, Dita has so far not been able to find her favourite candy Les Coucougnettes du Vert Galant - a sweet treat consisting of almonds covered in chocolate and wrapped in almond paste which has been flavoured with raspberry, ginger and Armagnac.

She wrote in other tweets: "Excited to be spending Christmas in Paris this year ... Must hunt for my fave Xmas treat, "Les Coucougnettes du Vert Galant"! Where in Paris can I find them? Please don't reply with "in my pants" (sic)"

The candy is named after King Henry IV who ruled over France from 1589 to 1610. He was a notorious womaniser who married twice, had numerous mistresses and fathered several illegitimate children.