Dita Von Teese has been ''axing'' models from her catwalk show for being too thin.

The burlesque star and fashion designer is currently in Australia launching her new underwear range for chain store Target, and says she has rejected at least 12 models for being too slender.

She said: ''Of course I want to show all different types and more voluptuous girls. The times where we said no to models were mostly when they were too skinny.

''We gave a lot of models the axe for being too skinny - we probably turned away a dozen.''

Explaining her decision, she told Australia's Herald Sun newspaper: ''It's important to me we show curvaceous women and fuller-figured girls ... lingerie looks terrific on girls with shape.''

Dita, 39, who was once married to Marilyn Manson, looks for girls with a ''bit of jiggle'' to model her clothes, although she can't stand fake tans.

She explained: ''I really wanted natural skin tones and not the fake orange glow. I want the real thing.''

Describing her idea of how a woman should look, she added: ''A femme fatale is always chic, a little wicked, edgy and dark, and has her own dress code she sticks to.''