The rocker took a hit "off a big fat bowl" after spending a long day in the studio recording tracks for the heavy rock act's latest album Immortalized, and then discovered he had one more song to sing.

"When I cut the vocal, I had just finished tracking another song, and it was the end of my work day," he tells "I was exhausted, and I wasn't expecting to have to sing anymore... so I took a nice hit off a big fat bowl.

"Then (producer) Kevin (Churko) played me the arrangement and he said, 'You wanna try singing to it?' And I was, like, 'I just got high! I'm stoned off my a**!' But I wound up getting back in the vocal booth for two hours, maybe more. Just vibing and going on feel."

The stunning new version of the folk anthem was released on Monday (07Dec15), together with an eye-catching new black and white video.