Disney executives are No Doubt hoping that overseas audiences may come to the rescue of John Carter , which has suffered an unmitigated disaster at the box office domestically. The movie grossed an estimated $40.7 million in 54 countries over the weekend to bring its foreign gross to $126.1 million. By contrast, the film took in just $13.5 million in North America, bringing its 10-day total to $53.2 million and its worldwide gross to $179.4 million. Nevertheless, the film is believed to have cost $250-300 million to produce and market, meaning, say analysts, that it would have to earn nearly $700 million just to break even after splitting its gross revenue with theaters and paying other distribution and marketing costs. Universal's Dr. Seuss' The Lorax placed a distant second on the foreign chart over the weekend with $11.6 million in 16 countries. Twentieth Century Fox's This Means War placed third with $9.15 million in 58 countries.