If The Weinstein Co. had had the same sort of success with its other recent releases as it did with Quentin Tarantino's Inglourious Basterds it probably would be the leading bidder for Miramax, the studio founded by the Weinsteins that Disney has shut down and is trying to sell, along with its film library, the Los Angeles Times indicated today (Wednesday). But such a bid, the newspaper commented, "appears to be a long shot, given [the Weinsteins'] own financial struggles." The Weinstein Company, which released a string of flops last year, has been forced to retrench and is cutting its releases to just eight films this year. Asked about Disney's action in shutting down Miramax, which obviously holds a special place in his heart since it is named after his parents, Miriam and Max, Harvey Weinstein told the Times , "I'm sad that it's closing." But when asked whether he has any plans to buy back the studio, he demurred, saying only, "As people approach me, I'm considering all my options."