Sequels to Toy Story 2 and Cars are among the plans for Disney's roster of animated movies over the next four years, it has been confirmed.

The so-called animation slate was unveiled at a press conference in New York on Tuesday by Disney chairman Dick Cook and Pixar head John Lasseter with the revelation that of the 14 movies planned, only one will be in Disney's traditional 2D style of animation, the rest being presented in digital 3D.

The Princess and the Frog, a Christmas 2009 release presenting a modern twist on The Frog Prince, will be Disney's first traditionally-animated film since Home on the Range with the remainder of releases using the computer-generated effects employed by the likes of Ratatouille and Cars.

Among the upcoming plans are the septuagenarian adventure Up, set for a July 2009 release in the UK, the third instalment in the Toy Story franchise - rumoured to feature Woody and Buzz Lightyear's owner Andy heading off to college - a CGI take on Rapunzel and The Bear and the Bow, a Christmas 2011 movie set in "mythic Scotland".

Disney's upcoming animated movies are:

Wall.E (June 27th 2008 in US; July 18th in UK)

Bolt (November 26th 2008)

Tinker Bell (October 28th 2008)

Up (May 29th 2009 in US; July 17th in UK)

Toy Story in 3D (October 2nd 2009)

The Princess and the Frog (Christmas 2009)

Tinker Bell North of Neverland - working title (2009)

Toy Story 2 in 3D (February 12th 2010)

Toy Story 3 (June 18th 2010)

Rapunzel (Christmas 2010)

Tinker Bell A Midsummer Storm - working title (2010)

Newt (Summer 2011)

The Bear and the Bow (Christmas 2011)

Tinker Bell A Winter Story - working title (2011)

Cars 2 (Summer 2012)

King of the Elves (Christmas 2012)

09/04/2008 15:24:09