Technicolor hopes to address the shortage of theaters capable of showing 3D digital movies by converting the movies to film. Film projectors can be converted to 3D quickly and cheaply, and some studios see the Technicolor scheme as a bridge between today's film presentation -- the overwhelming number of theaters are only equipped with film projectors only -- and 3D digital theaters of the future. However, although major studios, including Dreamworks Animation/Paramount, Lionsgate, Universal and Warner Bros., have welcomed Technicolor's announcement, two other major studios, Disney and 20th Century Fox, have not. Fox, which will be releasing James Cameron's highly anticipated 3D thriller Avatar in December, has not commented on its decision not to support the Technicolor initiative, but Disney did. Daily Variety quoted a Disney spokesperson as saying, "We're fully committed to the digital 3D solution. ... We think it provides the highest quality to the moviegoing experience."