The calendar says that spring arrived over the weekend, but for the box office, it might as well have been summer. Disney's Alice in Wonderland continued on a hot streak as it took in $34.2 million in its third week, down a modest 46 percent from the previous week, to bring its total to $265.4 million and thereby become the highest-grossing film ever released in March. But the weekend also produced another success story. Diary of a Wimpy Kid opened with $22.1 million despite a wimpy production budget of just $15 million. Based on a book series, it is the best opening for a non-animated kids film adapted from a book. Sony's The Bounty Hunter, which box-office gurus had predicted would land in the second spot, landed in third instead, taking in a less-than-bountiful $210.7 million. A third newcomer, Repo Men , came in a distant fourth with just $6.1 million, the latest embarrassment for Universal, which seems to be engaging in a game of who-can-release-the-most duds with its sibling TV network, NBC. The studio's last one, Green Zone , dropped 57 percent in its second weekend to $6.1 million. Overseas, Alice in Wonderland continued to remain way out in front of all comers with $47 million. But Avatar remained amazingly strong in its 14th weekend as it added $13 million to its foreign gross, which now stands at $1.93 billion and seems certain to cross the $2-billion mark by next weekend.

The top ten films over the weekend, according to final figures compiled by Box Office Mojo (figures in parentheses represent total gross to date) 1. Alice in Wonderland, Disney, $34,189,969, 3 Wks. ($265,433,637); 2. Diary of a Wimpy Kid, 20th Century Fox, $22,126,166, (New); 3. The Bounty Hunter, Sony, $20,686,423, (New); 4. Repo Men, Universal, $6,126,170, (New); 5. Green Zone , Universal, $6,113,105, 2 Wks. ($24,852,135); 6. She's Out of My League, Paramount, $5,802,363, 2 Wks. ($19,741,174); 7. Shutter Island, Paramount, $4,735,834, 5 Wks. ($115,750,466); 8. Avatar, 20th Century Fox, $4,027,005, 14 Wks. ($736,907,957); 9. Our Family Wedding, Fox Searchlight, $3,739,600, 2 Wks. ($13,608,107); 10. Remember Me, Summit, $3,252,494, 2 Wks. ($13,918,922).