Disney CEO Robert has told analysts and investors that the studio plans to proceed with its plans to shorten the time period between the release of movies theatrically and their release on home video. During a conference call on Tuesday he remarked, "We feel that it's time, on a case-by-case basis, movie-by-movie basis, to really take a look at how we're windowing the home video product into the marketplace." Today's (Wednesday) Hollywood Reporter indicated that Disney's upcoming Alice in Wonderland may be the first movie to get its "windowing" readjusted. The trade publication said that Disney plans to allow Alice to play for only 13 weeks instead of the usual 16, then accelerate its availability on video-on-demand and DVD/Blu-ray. The trade publication, which did not cite sources, said that theater owners have been given assurances that Disney will proceed cautiously in broadening its windowing experiment.