The governor of Rhode Island has ordered that a movie prop flag be lowered from the top of the Statehouse in Providence where the Disney movie Underdog -- a live-action film based on the animated TV cartoon series -- had been filming since July 10. Gov. Don Carcieri also objected to temporary alterations of the building. "I don't think in the future it's appropriate to take apart the inside of the Statehouse to do this filming," Carcieri said during a news conference. He also said that he will more closely scrutinize any future film projects involving the capitol building. The Associated Press reported Monday that during the filming, the Statehouse's front entrance and rotunda were occasionally closed and that government employees complained about having to give up their parking spaces and navigate through movie equipment cluttering the building. However, Steven Feinberg, director of the Rhode Island Film and Television Office, observed that the movie produced 300 full-time jobs and 3,000 temporary jobs for extras. Moreover, he told AP, "This movie is going to promote our state to a worldwide audience. ... It is going to have a positive impact on tourism that is priceless."