The nation's box office recovered like gangbusters over the weekend, with the top film, American Gangster, hauling in $43.6 million and the No. 2 film, Bee Movie, $38 million. The figure for Gangster represented the most ever raked in for a crime drama in its opening weekend. The Bee Movie figure came in at the low end of most analysts' expectations. Like most horror films, Saw IV saw its second-week take drop significantly, but it nevertheless pulled in $10.3 million to help the box office return from a six-week-long slump.

The top ten films over the weekend, according to final figures compiled by Media by Numbers (figures in parentheses represent total gross to date):
1. American Gangster, Universal, $43,565,135, (New); 2. Bee Movie, Paramount, $38,021,044, (New); 3. Saw IV, Lionsgate, $10,348,646, 2 Wks. ($50,398,835); 4. Dan in Real Life, Disney, $7,870,196, 2 Wks. ($22695653); 5. The Game Plan, Disney, $3,931,491, 6 Wks. ($82,035,100); 6. 30 Days of Night, Sony, $3,741,763, 3 Wks. ($33,970,509); 7. The Martian Child, New Line, $3,376,669, (New); 8. Michael Clayton, Warner Bros., $2,785,133, 5 Wks. ($33,083,619); 9. Tyler Perry's Why Did I Get Married?, Lionsgate, $2,604,119, 4 Wks. ($51,059,398); 10. Gone Baby Gone, Miramax, $2,237,915, 3 Wks. ($14,786,017).